The company was founded on 20 November 1995 under the name BELOM which is an acronym for BEogradska LOvačka MUnicija (Belgrade Hunting Ammunition).

The first cartridges produced in BELOM appeared on the market in fall 1996.

Operating within the business system JUGOIMPORT-SDPR, which was its majority founder, Belom had acquired an image of a reliable and high-quality manufacturer in very short time. It is an important player on the domestic market, but it is also represented on the markets abroad.

About 2.5 million rounds are produced every year on the most sophisticated equipment, i.e. the daily output, with one shift, is 10,000 to 15,000 rounds of various calibers and shot sizes for various applications.

Highly automated machines, experienced and well trained personnel, as well as advanced control equipment provide for a three-level control process resulting in constantly high quality of products.

A most advanced test tunnel in the country, built as part of the BELOM facilities, is used to make computerized tests of ammunition characteristics, such as barrel pressure, shot velocity, dispersion.

The technology of the production process is based on integration of finished components, purchased either in or out of the country from emanated and proven manufacturers. Our ammunition is manufactured with CIP standard and tested by the competent authority in to country

The company was founded for the following activities:

  • - Production and sales of weapons and ammunition
  • - Trade in dual-purpose goods
  • - Foreign trade in non food-grade products (import and export of raw materials: gunpowder, primers, cartridge cases, shot, vads etc.)

The key activity of the company is production and trade in hunting and sporting shotgun ammunition:

  • - Hunting shot shell, cal. 12/70 (ca. 32g)
  • - Hunting shot shell, cal. 12/70 (ca. 36g) Super B-36
  • - Hunting shot shell, cal.16/70 (ca. 30g)
  • - Hunting shot shell, cal.20/70 (ca. 24 g)
  • - Hunting shot shell, cal. 12/76 Magnum (ca. 43 g)
  • - Hunting shot shell, cal. 12/70 (ca. 33 g), extended range 80-100m
  • - Shooting shot shells TRAP, cal. 12/70 (ca. 24g), (shot dial 2.40 mm)
  • - Shooting shot shells SKEET, cal. 12/70 (ca. 24 g) (shot dial 2.00 mm)
  • - Slug with Gualandi projectile, cal. 12, 16 and 20